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Musical Storms across the North Sea

2nd March 2007

Rymer Auditorium, University of York

Chris Watson (UK)
BJNilsen (Sweden)

For tickets call 01904432439 or e-mail
Concert - 2nd March 7.30pm - £8/£6
Lecture - 1st March 7.30pm - £4.50 or £3 if booked with concert ticket

Chris Watson (UK), one of the world's greatest sound artists and sound recordists, and BJNilsen (Sweden) come together to present a live performance of extraordinary detail and complexity. The project, Storm, has gathered sound recording of storms, environments and wildlife from both sides of the North Sea. These recordings will be presented in a enveloping soundscape, performed live by the two artists, that will transport the audience to distant and dramatic places.
Chris Watson's skills take him all over the world making field recordings for David Attenborough's BBC nature programmes. BJNilsen has recorded storms in heavy winds where it was impossible to stand up straight. Last time he was in York, in January 07, he performed live in York Minster as part of Spire.

Storm will be presented in the Rymer Auditorium - the UK's premier listening environment for reproduced sound - providing a fabulous opportunity to experience the work of the world's greatest sound recordists on mastering quality studio loudspeakers and a perfect acoustic environment.

A compact disc version of the Storm project has recently been released on Touch, but the live version in this premier auditorium promises even more.

BBCi said of the CD release: "…there's a brief moment when it feels like Watson's microphones are under the water. At the finish I was expecting to open my eyes and find the living room overrun with seaweed, driftwood and maybe a flock of stormy petrels".

Storm, the concert, is at 7.30pm on Friday 2nd March in the Rymer Auditorium, University of York.
Tickets are £8 or £6 concession.

Chris Watson will also be conducting a location sound recording masterclass at 2.00pm on Thursday 1st March, which is free, but participants must register in advance (and can bring their own recording equipment and recordings if they wish to participate). Later that day, at 7.30pm in the Rymer Auditorium, Chris Watson will present an illustrated talk describing a personal audio perspective of the location recordings and soundtrack production techniques used in works such as Storm, and in his field recordings for the many wildlife productions he has work on.

Tickets are £4.50, or £3.00 if booked with a ticket to Storm on 2nd March.