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Festival and Events Archive exness

Storm 2007, 2nd March


Chris Watson & BJNilsen

Click here to view the Storm website (opens in a new window)

Spire 2007, 20th January


Charles Matthews (organ),Marcus Davidson (organ and piano), Christian Fennesz (electronics), Phil Jeck (turntables), BJNilsen(electronics),Robert Millner, John Beaumont and Amy Moore (voices), Minster bell ringers, Leif Inge (installation) exness trade

Click here to view the Spire website (opens in a new window)

SightSonic Festival 2006, 9th-22nd October


Ryoji Ikeda, Christian Fennesz, Biosphere, BJNilsen, Rosy Parlane, Philip Jeck, The Open Ended Group, si-cut.db, v3ctor, northern loop

Click here to view the 2006 website (opens in a new window)

SightSonic Festival 2005, 14th-16th October


Paul Kaiser, George Saxon, Mark Fell, Pilot Theatre, het muztheater.zaandan exness trading, pixel, Alextronic, Clive Tonge, Christian Fennesz, Mike Harding

Click here to view the 2005 website (opens in a new window)

Sightsonic Festival 2004, 14th-17th October


Paul Kaiser, Shelley Eshkar, Dennis Rollins, Rommi Smith, Exceeda, Francisco Lopez, Peter Heaton, soundxvision2004, Errorsmith, v3ctor, Mr. 76IX, Craig Vear, Howard Reed.

Click here to view the 2004 website (opens in a new window)

Sightsonic Festival 2003, 16th-19th October


Richard H Kirk, Haruo Ishii, A Guy called Gerald, Ambrose Field, Richard Chartier, Yoshihiro Hanno, Howard Read.


Sightsonic Festival 2002, 17th-20th October


The Hafler Trio, Evol, Peter Fluck, Peter Heaton, Semiconductor, Terre Thaemlitz, Ryo Co, Dennis Rollins.

Sightsonic Festival 2001, 19th-21st October


Ambrose Field, Craig Vear, Damian Murphy, Peter Heaton, The Drake Music Project, iO, A Quiet Word Theatre Co.

Sightsonic Festival 2000, 20th-22nd October


Diffusion, Roshini Kempadoo, Peter Fluck, Tony Myatt, Namke, Paul Modler, General Magic, Pita, Russell Haswell.